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Backpacker List a.k.a. Bucket List

As I started writing this post I realized the connotation behind a bucket list isn’t the most appealing, at least to me anyway. A list of activities you want to do before you die sounds harsh, so I decided to rename my list to Backpacker list. Each year that passes I add a more to my list. I know it seems impossible to achieve everything you want to do in life but it never hurts to try! Here is a list of a few places I want to travel to in the near future:

Jellyfish Lake
Eli Malk, Palau

This lake gives a whole new meaning to swimming with the fishes.

Grand Canyon

We tried to trek here once but was met with a blizzard and zero visibility. This year we’ll plan accordingly.

Galapagos Islands

I’ve been to Ecuador three times but this specific trip takes a lot of planning.

El Yunque
Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

In my younger years I said I wanted to live in a rain forest, now I would rather just visit one.

The Bioluminescent Bay
Vieques, Puerto Rico

I’ve heard tales of this “glow in the dark” waters but I have to see it with my own eyes.

Cristo Rendentor (Christ the Redeemer)
Rio, Brasil

I was in Brasil once but missed the chance to see this wonder of the world due to extreme fog. I also want to go to Rio for carnaval. One day!

Safari in South Africa
I love exotic animals and I love nature so animals in their natural habitat just sounds right.

Santorini, Greece
Ever since I’ve seen pictures of these picturesque blue and white homes against the gorgeous waters I’ve been longing to visit Santorini.

So what do you think? Are these any places you wanted to travel to or have been to? What are some amazing places you want to add to your Backpacker list? Let me know!

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