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San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a gorgeous city; we had the pleasure of doing an over night trip to visit friends.
Hilly streets are lined with plush vegetation and flowers of all kinds. Who knew there were palm trees there?! The weather is nothing to write home about. It rained on and off the whole day, however the temperature was almost 60 so it wasn’t uncomfortable just very wet. The next day we were departing the weather was pleasant so it has its good and bad days. The city is very “green’ and  residents seem to have an emphasis on keeping their surroundings squeaky clean. The air even smelled clean and I have to say I saw no litter on the ground what so ever. Why can’t all cities be this beautiful?
Every corner you turn seems like there is something to see or to do. Public transportation made it easy to get around. We took The Bart train downtown and maneuvered on buses throughout town. 
We shopped at the vintage stores on Haight Street where I found a killer bag. Union Square has more commercial shopping stores like Zara, Old Navy and tons of high end stores.
 We had a photo op next to the trolleys which unfortunately were not running at the time.
Later on in the evening we met up with friends at the Crab House on Pier 39 and had slamming seafood and mini donuts for dessert.
Of course we visited the Golden Gate Bridge which I learned was named after the body of water (Golden Gate) it connects.
You can see most of San Francisco within a day however I would rather have had a few days to take it all in.
On our next trip to San Francisco we plan on going to Napa Valley for the wine tasting tours. So San Franciscans’ did I do a good job of summing up your city? Did I miss anything? Let me know 🙂
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San Juan, Puerto Rico

It seems like everyone I know has been to Puerto Rico. In all my thirty one years of living I’ve never had a chance to go until recently. I’ve been so many other places around the world and it’s amazing that an island that is so close took forever for me to visit. There are many gems in Puerto Rico that I’ve heard about from Culebra beach, to the glowing lagoon of Mosquito Biobay in Vieques, to El Yunque the rainforest. My first trip there however wasn’t meant for adventure which indeed takes more planning.
My boyfriend and I decided we needed a quick get-a-way and Puerto Rico was just the ticket. As heart breaking as it was to visit this island and not be able to explore it properly, adventure would just have to wait as this was a touch down, relax and go sort of trip.
 The Reef Bar & Grill located in Pinones has great views and the best Mofongo I ever had. Let’s not forget the Pina Coladas. Delicioso!!!
Although it was a quick journey it wasn’t lacking in the relaxation department. Sometimes that quick trip is just what you need to recharge your batteries.
This beach was located right below The Reef Restaurant.
  We had a chance to visit the Fort San Felipe del Morro which is a quick drive into Old San Juan.

 Old San Juan is picturesque with cobblestone streets and 16th century structures.
  At first glance I thought this bad boy was a huge snake. 
Have any of you been to Puerto Rico? What were some of your favorite parts of the trip? Where would you suggest others to visit while they are in P.R?
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