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Havaianas summer footwear

Havaianas are my favorite chancletas for the summer and for vacays. I just came back from Cancun and the only footwear I brought was my white Havaiana flip flops. How’s that for packing light? I love these four pairs of Havaianas that I complied from Polyvore. They represent everything I feel that summer is; bright, fun with a hint of leopard.



summer chancletas

What I love about Havaianas are that they are so comfortable along with being stylish. They don’t cut into my toes like other sandals and I can walk in them anywhere. I even wore mine in Ecuador climbing up and down a mountain. You don’t believe me, well here is proof!
I also have a major obsession with all things Brasil so of course I would love this brand. Visit their website http://us.havaianas.com/ to check out all the styles they have. You can even get a  custom pair made on their website. How cool is that?
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Let the blogging begin!

Hello world. Welcome! Bienvenido. Wullkommen. Barka da Zuwa. Bienveue and all that good stuff. I’m happy to be up and writing. This blog has been a long time coming. I created it to share my ideas and adventures with the world while connecting with others along the way. I named my blog 2theskyz because if you haven’t already guessed I love to travel! I have many other loves but the “far far away” has always intrigued me. I won’t limit myself to only travel here because to me that is stifling. A little bit of this a little bit of that, has always been my mantra. Expect to read reviews on my trips, tips and advice, photos, and maybe I’ll share some of my other <3’s. I’ll keep you in suspense for now. Until then!

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