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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has always been one of those places that I’ve been yearning to go to. I don’t have friends or family there but a co-worker once described it to me and I instantly fell in love. Being raised in Lincoln, Nebraska I am instantly drawn to all things country i.e. trees, open terrain, porches and rocking chairs, lemonade, fresh air…you know that sort of stuff. My boyfriend and I finally made the trip to Savannah about a month ago and it was everything I thought it would be.

Rocking chairs outside the airport

This trip was a quick and unplanned which seems to be our M.O. We took a half hour bus ride from the airport to Broughton Street one of the best places for boutique shopping. Thank god my BF is a good sport and didn’t mind me shoping right away. I found cute little souvenirs for my loved ones and even picked up a few items for myself.

He’s the stores mascot. Find him on Broughton 🙂

Savannah has a gorgeous downtown lined with Spanish moss trees and packed full of history.

He loves history

This bridge looked scary like you could drive right off the edge

River Street is another site to see with its cobblestone street and specialty stores. Wet Willes is on River Street for those of you who like your Call-a-cab’s and yes you can walk around with alcoholic beverages.

My “palm” flower

River Street stores in the background

Candy store on River Street

If you love honey this is the place for you

We were lucky enough to be in Savannah on a Monday because the restaurant we dined at called Fiddlers Crab House on River Street and had an all you can eat crab leg dinner which was out of this world.

One thing that I was disappointed with was that there were no huge plantation houses which I expected to see, next time we will rent a car and venture out more.

Free ferry that shuttled people from one side of the river to the other

Fountain we discovered while walking through town

On our last night we took a horse carriage tour throughout town and learned more about the city and its beginnings.

My next trip to Savannah can’t come soon enough. What do you suggest we do next time we are there?

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